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This area holds ample reading material including:

The Gift of Prophecy]

What is God Like?]

The Power of Forgiveness]

This large selection of material has something for everyone. You will not be disappointed.
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Deepest Appreciation

My sincere thanks to Larry Wilson for the thousands of hours of prophetic Bible study and guidance he has shown me and others in this marvelous Revelation Story through the years.   Also to Marty, Suzy and Shelley for upholding this truth in Daniel & Revelation and sending hundreds of thousands of books to different countries of the world, so that the honest in heart can learn of these eternal truths.   To John Woods for his latest book on the Timeline of Daniel and Revelation and the prophetic pictures he had drawn by Jerry at Emerson Studios. Lastly and more importantly, the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and the Holy Spirit which these prophetic color picture are dedicated for their honor and glory. May the Lord use these prophetic pictures to reach millions of sincere and honest Bible students is my prayer.

Bob Stout

August 2010


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