Revelation not only predicts the coming manifestations of the wrath of God (and the response of the religious and political systems of Earth), it also reveals four profound announcements that God shall send to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. These four announcements will be more widely known than AIDS.

Time has not arrived

As of this moment, these four messages are essentially dormant because the appointed time for these messages has not arrived. However, do not misunderstand, Christians are proclaiming elements of all four messages around the world. However, the four messages – occurring as a four-part sequence, require a specific progression of global events to be universally effective. In addition, when universal circumstances become appropriate, these four messages will penetrate every mind with the brilliance of sunlight. Even though they can be understood before their moment of glory, they have not yet received the power that is to accompany them.

There is nothing more powerful than a truth whose time has come. Like a runaway train, timely truth can penetrate any blockade – whether physical, mental or spiritual. The key word in the previous sentence is timely. Timing is everything. And the greater the resistance, the greater the exposure and power of timely truth. Just as heat is generated in an electrical circuit when there is more power than the circuit can bear, so these four messages will cause a great controversy among all people, nations and languages.

The four messages

What are these four messages? In abbreviated form they are:

  1. Obey God
  2. Disobey man’s laws
  3. Disobey the devil’s demands
  4. Do not receive the mark of the beast

Look at the diagram for the chronological placement of these messages. The first of these four messages will begin in a powerful way just before the censer in Revelation 8:2-5 is cast down. The global earthquake and attending phenomena that marks the judgment of the living serves as the starting gun for the world announcing the Great Tribulation. (Think about the significance of the earthquake as it relates to commerce. Can you imagine the consequences of thousands of collapsed bridges and freeway overpasses in the USA?) I believe there will be a short interval of time between the global earthquake and the sounding of the first trumpet, perhaps no more than eight months.  During this interval of time, the 144,000 will continue proclaiming the first of the four announcements – but comparatively few people will listen or give them due consideration. Then, the first trumpet occurs, the world will behold a fulfillment of the first trumpet that the 144,000 predicted. It is important to know that the fulfillment of prophecy does not change the announcement of the 144,000; rather, the first announcement will receive much greater attention by the people of earth as a result of the first trumpet. As a result, more people will respond to the gospel call.

To appreciate the impact these announcements are going to have, one has to understand the events that surround each message because each message is given in opposition to what is actually taking place. For example, the first announcement (in abbreviated form) is “Obey God.” While every born again Christian already understands the importance of this statement, the implication of this message is that most people aren’t obeying God even though they think they are! In other words, the reader must recognize that these four announcements have two dimensions.

The first dimension is the revealing of the will of God to all men. The second dimension is the revealing of the rebellion within man against the will of God. Thus, each announcement ignites a higher level of opposition as it is given until the people of earth are separated – as sheep or goats.

Right to the point

God uses few words.  Speech is a temporal and momentary means of communication. For example, over the course of your lifetime, how many sermons you have heard and forgotten? God prefers to be understood by His actions because men may learn much about the nature and character of God through the study of His behavior over the millenniums of time. Therefore, His words are few and far between, and everything the last generation needs to know about salvation has been written in the Bible. Therefore, God is going to speak to the people of the world through His servant – prophets, the 144,000. These will present four compelling messages from the Bible that all will hear. Within the context of these four messages, men and women, boys and girls everywhere will hear the gospel invitation: Receive Jesus Christ as Savior AND Lord so that you can be saved. To receive Jesus, as Savior is to recognize that one cannot save himself. Salvation is only possible through faith in Jesus. To receive Jesus as Lord is to recognize the authority of Jesus. If we accept Jesus as our Lord and Master, we voluntarily become subject to His commandments. But what brings the properties of salvation into sharpest focus is this: During the Great Tribulation, men will enact a number of laws that will stand in direct opposition to the laws of God. The result is that the subject of salvation will become simple to comprehend: One will not be able to obey God without great love for God and faith in His promises.

World response to the trumpets

I maintain that one cannot correctly understand Revelation’s story, especially the four announcements of Revelation, without first understanding what the fourth seal and the seven trumpets are all about. (Time will soon reveal if my assertion is true or false.) The reason I maintain such a position is that one has to first comprehend something of the first holocaust caused by the first four trumpets to appreciate the panic and desperation that will galvanize the whole world into a confused but collective unit to appease an angry God. This collective unit of seven religious systems is called Babylon, and it will rapidly rise to a coalition having great power – once the Great Tribulation begins.

I am convinced that the four angels holding back the four winds in Revelation 7:1-4 are the first four angels having the seven trumpets. Without going into much detail, here is why: The four angels holding back the four winds have power to harm the earth. Specifically, they have power to harm the land, sea and trees. After the 144,000 are selected and sealed, the four angels will harm the land, sea and trees. The only place in Revelation where the land, sea and trees are specifically harmed is found in Revelation 8:7-9. Here, the first two angels of the seven trumpets accomplish the harm that God wants them to do. I also find that the devil and his angels are not permitted to harm the land, plants and trees; rather, they can only hurt people who have not received the seal of God. (Revelation 9:4) If the devil’s angels could harm the land, plants and trees, all humanity would prematurely die. Thus, the devil could thwart the work of God to reach people with the gospel. Therefore, God prohibits the devil and his angels from harming the environment. (Incidentally, trumpets five through seven are called curses or woes because they directly affect people.)

Therefore, an understanding of the fourth seal and the seven trumpets is central to Revelation’s story. The fourth seal contains four literal judgments from God: sword, famine, plague and wild beasts. These four judgments are four winds that shall be loosed after the 144,000 are ready to do their work! Moreover, the seven trumpets are the means by which the four judgments occur. The coalition of the world’s systems (the rise of the dragon like beast out of the sea, Revelation 13:1) is man’s response to the first four trumpets. This background information is imperative. It sets the stage for the announcements. In addition, once the setting is properly understood, one can see why these four announcements are as volatile as dynamite.

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