Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep
those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand. Revelation 1:3

The Seven Last Plagues

Lesson 31

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Key Text: Revelation 15: 5-8


  1. Revelation 15:5-8. John describes seven plagues that will fall on the Earth just before Jesus returns. These plagues are a result of the widespread sin and disregard of God that will exist in the world at the end of time. They are God’s wrath poured out against sin. When the divine decree goes forth that probation has ended for every person (Revelation 22:14), God’s strange act of destruction begins and punishment is poured out upon those who have defiled God.


  1. Revelation 16: 1, 2. The first plague is terrible sores that fall on those who receive the mark of the beast or worship his image.


  1. Revelation 16:3.  The second plague turns the seas of the Earth to blood.


  1. Revelation 16:4-7.  The third plague turns the rivers and springs of water to blood.


  1. Revelation 16: 8, 9. The fourth plague, the sun scorches human beings with extreme heat.


  1. Revelation 16:10, 11. The fifth plague involves a heavy darkness-both spiritual and physical. The devil’s throne is thrown into complete darkness and the individuals that thought they were obeying God will see, this being is none other than the devil himself.


  1. Revelation 16: 12-16. The sixth plague initiates the battle of Armageddon. Under three camps, the entire rebellious world is gathered to receive God’s judgment.


  1. Revelation 16: 17-21. The seventh plague marks the end of the great controversy between good and evil. Under this plague, Babylon falls and hail and a great earthquake ravage Earth. These are the last convulsions of nature where mountains and islands of the world are completely moved out of their place just before Jesus returns.


  1.  Isaiah 33: 14-16. The seven last plagues fall on the wicked those who have rejected God and His truth. During this time, God will protect and sustain His righteous people who trust Him.


  1. Psalm 91: 1-16. Every Christian can claim this song of assurance and deliverance.




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