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Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Three Wonderful Benefits that resulted from struggling with Rejection:

(1)            I lost confidence in my strength to save myself. Are you still fighting to save your own happiness? Trying to save your marriage or another relationship you cherish with the strength or ingenuity of your own power? Dear heart – God alone has the strength to satisfy and save us.

(2)            I became desperate for God. If you’re not desperate for God’s help, if you still think something you can do, say or be will make you valuable enough to turn your havoc into happiness when you are not yet desperate for God. And rescue comes to those who cry out.

(3)            I was positioned by my pain for the rescue of love I had been waiting for all my life. Each wave of rejection pushed me closer and closer to the rock of my salvation. Pain drove me to Jesus.

Your Part

As God’s unconditional love restores your reflection, do these five things:

(1)            Forgive those who hurt you. In obedience, you must chose to face the reality that those you love may never express love for you in return. From the painful place, forgive them for hurting you. Forgiveness is not difficult – it’s a choice.  When you tell God that you are willing, He will give you the continual power to do it. Princess of Heaven, never allow bitterness to show its face in your mirror.

(2)            Believe you are loved by your parent on the authority of God’s Truth.  I have instinctively placed love within the heart of every parent for every child. You have confused being loved, with feeling loved. When you don’t feel it, you assume that you aren’t. And you blame it on your own unworthiness. It’s the belief that you aren’t loved that brings the stinging pain of rejection. And that belief is a lie. Your pain comes from another’s inability to express love, in a way that can be felt. That inability exists because of crippling experiences in their past. Though you may not feel it you are loved by your parents. If you will accept this truth, you will receive healing from the pain of rejection. Isaiah 49:15 “Can a mother forget her little child and not have love for her own son? ‘Yet even if that should be, I will not forget you.”

(3)            Accept God’s Truth that you are irreplaceable as a wife.  Between spouses there is an emotional bond, stronger than any romantic love. It is imparted to every couple, at the altar of marriage. It can’t be broken, even by divorce. It is My guarantee that no one else will ever be better suited to serve in your position as a help-mate. The pain of rejection, in marriage, comes from the lie that someone else can do a better job. The inescapable bond to you, in the life of your mate, is proof that you are irreplaceable. If you have been willing to submit to Me and any changes I have required, any separation is due to another’s sin. Your feelings of worthlessness and rejection are based on Satan’s lie. How could you, as My child believe it.

(4)            Understand His purpose behind your Divine Design by discovering your particular Motivational Gift.  The motivational gifts are listed in Romans 6. And we all have one predominant one. Our motivational gift is the avenue by which Jesus serves others through our life. And it’s our service to God with the gift He has given us that brings the very satisfaction we’re looking for in a romantic relationship.

(5)            Use the gift He’s given you.  There’s no feeling of satisfaction on Earth like the feeling of purpose that comes from watching Jesus put you on and serve the needs of the world He loves. Nothing in life or love compares to it. Romans 15:18, (AMP) “I will not venture (presume) to speak…of any work except what Christ has actually done through me (as an instrument in His hands)…”

II Corinthians 3:18, “…we can be mirrors that brightly reflect the glory of the Lord. And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like Him.”

The shining glory of God will ever increasingly take over our reflection once we choose to live for the approval of Jesus alone. And no princess can gaze at the developing image of Jesus’ face in her reflection and not be happy with what she sees! II Corinthians 4:7 describes this beauty secret: “But this precious treasure, this light and power that now shine within us, is held in a perishable container… Everyone can see that the glorious power within must be from God and not our own.”


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