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Overcoming Sin


I wanted to share this with you. It is what God has been leading me to understand about overcoming sin. I appreciated how you point out that people have gone from worshiping God to worshiping grace. Trying to overcome the extreme of legalism is as constraining as an “all grace” approach. I have learned that without God I am nothing. As I surrender my will to Him, He begins to change who I am but only as I surrender my will. Praise God He will do whatever He has to do to get us to the point of surrender.  


When I wanted out from the grip of drugs and their hold on me… He led me out of “Egypt” in a way that only He could devise.


When I wanted to quit smoking… He allowed me to face death. While in the hospital with a life threatening condition, I quit smoking. He orchestrated the circumstances that led to my convictions and ultimately my salvation through Jesus. He saves us from our sin by removing the desire and thereby crushing sins power over us. We become worthy for His kingdom by His power, His blood, and His Spirit alone.


When I wanted to stop the insanity of alcohol in my life and home, He allowed me to go to the point of despair. I finally sought help through spiritual intervention of a twelve-step group that indirectly pointed me back to Him and His healing power of forgiveness and faith.


He is so amazing! He answers prayers in the strangest ways as He continues to persuade us toward the recognition of our deep and eternal need of Him in our lives.


He takes nothing from us that we are not 100% willing to surrender. It’s a relationship where we both have a role to play.


I have to be “willing” to go, to be, and to do whatever He asks. This is what worshiping God means… When I truly walk with God, all fears is gone and the things I use to do, I no longer do…He gives me a choice to follow Him or to refuse His direction. He cannot be blamed for what I refuse to surrender in my state of fear, denial, stubbornness, or justification. He is blameless. If I don’t acknowledge my sins, He is powerless to remove them. He will not go against my freedom of choice.


My willingness to see without blinding denial or rebellious stubbornness reveals how desperately I need His strength to fulfill His higher purpose for my life according to His will. When I truly surrender my self-centered life… My heart is broken by the recognition of what it cost God, humanity and myself. 


I can then seek God’s help and deliverance in my state of being broken. My heart is broken in two ways… either by the recognition of what sin does to Him, to others, and myself… or… when someone else’s sin hurts me, leading me to Jesus for comfort, strength, and the ability to forgive.


It is all about choices… my choice is for eternal life with Him. There isn’t a sin on earth that is worth holding onto when I see what it cost Jesus and in the end…me.


After dwelling on these thoughts, I was moved to write a poem below. My prayer…


Surrender Is Salvation


“Show me, Oh Lord what You want me to see…

Open my eyes to your Eternity…


Take from my hands wrong things that I do…

Like the nails You took, so I could go through.


Your walk, always lead by God’s Love & Light…

Still your feet were pierced for my sinful flight.


Not a wicked thought ever entered your mind…

So the crown of thorns, it should have been mine.


The price You paid, your life, saved my soul

Sinless through You is my heart song’s goal.”


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

And Jesus said… Now go and sin no more. John 8:1-11



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