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The Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation Illustrated


   Daniel is like the concrete slab of a house; it has very little detail and is terribly understated. When a person walks on the foundation of their new home they can identify the different rooms by the small pipes sticking up for the kitchen and the large pipes for the bathrooms or by the lack of plumbing in the living room.


   God put the story of prophecy together like a Hollywood movie. There are eighteen scenes {prophecies} that create the incredible drama of the plan of salvation. Each individual scene plays a specific part of the dram. Each scene has a beginning point and an ending point of time just like the different scenes in a movie and the events occur in the order they are written. Therefore by synchronizing each prophecy to the others by time, the whole story comes into focus by the total sum of all the parts. And just like a movie has mysteries, God has veiled and hid the identity of some entities, players, and ‘time itself’ by many different types of languages, and figures of speech. The symbols and analogous language given to the different entities also describe and identify the characters of each entity.


   Just like a movie there are good guys, villains, stars, supporting actors, and audience. The good guys are God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The villains are Lucifer, the devil, and his fallen angels, the demons. Jesus stars as the Saviour of the world, and Lucifer, the devil, stars as the destroyer of the world spiritually, financially, and physically. The supporting actors are the good angels, the saints and the wicked. The audience is the unfallen worlds {those that have never sinned or rebelled against God} of the universe that watch this live drama with intense interest.


   Like a movie the fixtures and furniture for each scene change because of history, location, and time. This drama covers over twenty-six hundred years of time, starting at 605 B.C., and goes past the Second Coming of Jesus, to the destruction of the devil, the wicked, and sin itself; therefore the audience needs to be acquainted with a lot of history. The story itself looks backwards before the creation of the world.


   This story also goes beyond the understanding of human behavior, describing the events and behavior of supernatural beings, and the rebirth of the human heart; thus the audience needs to understand the different figures of speech. God uses the things we understand to explain things we do not understand. Analogous language is not literal. Analogous language is used to describe human behavior as well as the behavior of supernatural demons. It is used to describe things that are seen as well as unseen. God uses simple things to elevate our minds to the deeper things of God.


  Jesus made the analogy of eating our daily bread and receiving Christ into our life as the bread of life that gives eternal life.  But the people that hear him were not interested in growing spiritually; therefore because of their ignorance they became arrogant.  They said, ‘How can this man give us his flesh to eat?’ They became angry and left because they were not interested in growing spiritually; they just wanted another free meal.


   If you want to understand why God uses the great image made of metals and beasts to represent the kingdoms of the earth, and smoke and locusts to represent demons, you will have to set some time aside to study. After viewing the entire collection of these black and white still pictures of this prophecy study, then you can proceed to this current web site for clarity and understanding of all the pictures. You will need to put on your hard hat and go down into the mine to dig for the gold of truth. You will have to put aside your preconceived ideas and traditions, which are the worst enemies of the story, and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you. This entire study in illustrated pictures may give you insight, but the only true teacher is the Holy Spirit.        



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