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Biblical Reason NO 2

The Book of Daniel Unsealed

The book of Daniel that was sealed up for the final generation has been unsealed. God has made sure throughout history that the understanding of prophecy is revealed “on or about” the time of fulfillment. The mere fact that the understanding of end-time prophetic events has been disclosed, strongly suggests it is to be understood ONLY by those living at the “end of time.” Daniel produces the key to knowing the prophetic chronological order of events.


The information unsealed in Daniel is the architecture of apocalyptic prophecy. This may sound strange at first, but the prophecies in Daniel conform to a structure or pattern that controls the meaning of the visions given in Daniel. The exciting point about this structure also exists in Revelation! In other words, when you understand the architecture of Daniel, you also understand the architecture of Revelation. The architecture of apocalyptic prophecy produces four rules (methods of interpretation) that govern the interpretation of this type of prophecy. These four rules are like combinations to a safe. When the four rules are applied to the interpretation of the prophecies of Daniel, as well as Revelation, a marvelous result occurs. The prophecies can be understood just as they read!


Daniel’s prophecies (and the elements within them) behave in a predictable way every time. This consistency allows us to understand certain things about the operation and meaning of apocalyptic prophecy that would be otherwise unknown. For example, we can say that all of Daniel’s prophecies have a beginning point in time, and events in each prophecy occur in the order in which they are given. (Rule #1) An example of this is the first apocalyptic prophecy in Daniel 2 concerning the vision of the statue. God interprets the dream to show progressing empires of the world. The head of gold was Babylon, the chest and arms were Medio-Persia, the thighs of brass were Greece, the legs of iron was Rome, the ten toes will be the ten end-time kingdoms (nations) and ends with Jesus crashing the statue with a rock, dissolving all earthly kingdoms and setting up the final kingdom of heaven.


This concept may sound simple, but it has profound ramifications. Look at the down side of this rule: If the events within each prophecy are not fulfilled in the order given, then who or what has the authority to tell us the order of events that have not happened? In other words, if the Bible cannot be understood on the basis of what it says, and then who has the truth on this matter? This is the ultimate question: Does the Bible speak for itself or must it have an interpreter? This confirms the Bible speaks for itself and the Bible is the final interpreter.


A fulfillment of apocalyptic prophecy occurs when ALL of the specifications within that prophecy are met, including the order of events outlined within the prophecy. (Rule #2)


Apocalyptic language can be literal, symbolic or analogous. To reach the intended meaning, the student must consider (a) the context, (b) the use of parallel language in the Bible, and (c) relevant statements in the Bible that define the symbol if an element is thought to be symbolic. The Bible should be taken “Just as it reads” first. (Literal).

(Rule #3)


God reckons apocalyptic time in two ways: (a) a day for a year, and (b) as literal time. The presence or absence of the Jubilee calendar determines how God measures time.

(Rule #4)


Any interpretation of prophecy that does not conform to a stated set of valid rules is classified as a “private interpretation.” The word “private” does not mean obscure. Millions of people can believe and endorse a private interpretation. A private interpretation is an interpretation that has no external means of validation. In other words, a private interpretation is any interpretation that cannot be tested and validated with a set of stated rules. This brings us back to the need for understanding the apocalyptic architecture in Daniel. There is one architecture in Daniel and Revelation and there is only one truth and one accurate interpretation of the prophecies.


What the foregoing means, is that a hundred different people can be sent into a room with the rules and the Bible and ALL will emerge with the same interpretation.  The unsealing of the book of Daniel, revealing the rules of interpretation, is the key to knowing the time has come for complete understanding of the prophecies. This is consistent with God’s pattern of revealing the correct interpretation, on or about the time of understanding. This was true for the 70 years of Babylon captivity, the 70 weeks of Daniel, 2300 evenings and mornings, and is also true for the end-time prophetic time periods.


Reason number 2 leaves us with Conclusion number 2:


Because the book of Daniel was sealed up until the end, the chronology of the prophecies was not known. With the revealing of the architecture, we now know the perfect order of events, as well as where we are going now living in God’s time-line.  


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