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Biblical Reason No 4

Genealogies of the Bible


The bible only speaks of 7,000 years. Genealogies of the Bible confirm what Creation Scientists conclude, the young age of the Earth. If we trace the genealogies back to the creation of Adam we find we are at the 6,000-year threshold, (depending on how many years they spent in the Garden before they sinned.)


A calendar, or time keeping, whether it be man’s or God’s can always be synchronized. By ‘synchronized,” I mean confirming a date. On our pagan calendar, if we find a Sunday, we can then find any Sunday 6,000 years before and 6,000 years after. This rule, because of the sun and moon will also synchronize God’s method of time keeping.


The year 702 B.C. can be “synchronized” with the Biblical account of the Jubilee Year during Hezekiah’s reign with Secular history. Because we know this date, we can now calculate the date of the Exodus that occurred on the first month, the first day, when the weekly Jubilee cycle was given to Moses at the time of the Exodus. (1437 B.C.). We can now look backwards to conclude the following:


1437 B.C. The Exodus


1.  1866 B.C. Jacob born  (430 years earlier) (Exodus 12:40)* 

2.  2025 B.C. Abraham born  (160 years earlier) (Genesis 11:24-26)

     119 + 70 – 29 = 160

3.  2124 B.C.  Terah born       (130 years earlier)     (Genesis 11:26)

4.  2182 B.C.  Nahor born      (29 years earlier)        (Genesis 11:24)

5.  2211 B.C.  Serug born       (30 years earlier)      (Genesis 11:22)

6.  2242 B.C.  Reu born          (32 years earlier)        (Genesis 11:20)

7.  2271 B.C.  Peleg born        (30 years earlier)        (Genesis 11:16)

8.  2304 B.C.  Eber born         (34 years earlier)        (Genesis 11:14)

9.  2333 B.C.  Selah born        (30 years earlier)        (Genesis 11:14)

10. 2367 B.C.  Arphaxad born (35 years earlier)      (Genesis 11:10)

11. 2368 B.C.  Year of the Flood to Arphaxad (2 years earlier)

12. 2967 B.C.   Noah born      (600 years earlier)       (Genesis 7:6)

13. 3148 B.C.   Lamech born  (182 years earlier)      (Genesis 5:28)

14. 3334 B.C.  Methuselah born (187 years earlier)  (Genesis 5:25)

15. 3398 B.C.  Enoch born       (65 years earlier)       (Genesis 5:21)

16. 3559 B.C.  Jared born        (162 years earlier)     (Genesis 5:18)

17. 3623 B.C.  Mahalalel born (65 years earlier)       (Genesis 5:15)

18. 3692 B.C.  Kenan born       (70 years earlier)       (Genesis 5:12)

19. 3781 B.C.  Enosh born        (90 years earlier)       (Genesis 5:9)

20. 3885 B.C.  Seth born           (105 years earlier)     (Genesis 5:6)

21. 4014 B.C.  Adam Created   (130 years earlier)     (Genesis 5:3,4)


Given the genealogies data above we can make some guesses about the termination of the 6,000th year of sin. Because Adam and Eve did not bear children in the Garden of Eden, because Adam and Eve were 130 years of age when Seth was born, and perhaps Cain and Abel were married men, (old enough to offer sacrifices for their households), when Cain killed Abel, we are left with a window of time that ranges from a minimum of –23 years to a maximum of about 70 years in the Garden before sin occurred. Of course, there is no way to know when Adam and Eve sinned.


Nevertheless, we are 6,023 years since creation. Note these figures using 4014 B.C. as the year of Creation: If Adam and Eve lived in Eden 23 years before sin occurred: 3993 B.C. thru A.D. 2009 = 6,000 years.


If Adam and Eve lived in Eden 30 years before sin occurred: 3984 B.C. thru A.D. 2016 = 6,000 years


If Adam and Eve lived in Eden 40 years before sin occurred: 3974 B.C. thru A.D. 2026

= 6,000 years. If Adam and Eve lived in Eden 70 years before sin occurred: 3944 B.C. thru A.D. 2056 = 6,000 years.


Reason number 4 leaves us with Conclusion number 4:


Secular history confirms the genealogies of the Bible to show we are at the threshold of the end of the 6,000 years of sin for this Earth. A study of God’s clocks reveals that He has done everything precisely “right on time.” Because of this consistency, we can be assured that a new millennium will begin “right on time.” This means it would occur on a new month, a new day, a new year, a new moon, and a new week. There are only a few times this occurs each century, the last one being 2007. The next time this occurs is April 18, 2015. So do the math. Count backwards 1,335 days from 2015 to find a POSSIBLE beginning of the Great Tribulation. The next window is in 2028. Can planet Earth survive another 20 years? Probably not.    


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