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Biblical Reason No 5

The Jubilee Calendar


No one can prove something that has not happened. Neither does God ask us to believe something without first giving us substantial evidence upon which to build our faith.


Although it has been given a name by men as the “Jubilee Calendar,” this title can be a little misleading. If you needed to call it by a title that would actually define what it really is, you would refer to it as “God’s Clock.” God does not operate by man’s calendar, but by a set of clocks that He designed with a specific purpose. We know that He is deliberate and purposeful in everything He does. He designed the synchrony of his clocks to serve this planet for as long as it lasts and until sin is eliminated.


When He created the world He foreknew the duration of every event and created the phenomenon we call time so that we can measure every event. Time on Earth is measured in several ways. He has given us some prophetic time-periods that last centuries and some only last a few days. But, He has given us the Bible so that we may know His way of measuring time.


This method of time keeping was given to Israel for two wonderful reasons. First, God made Israel His time keepers for mankind. They were the only people to receive the perpetual responsibility of marking the passage of time as God sees time. And to prevent Israel from guessing at time, God synchronized His eternal clock on two occasions.

(Exodus 12:2, 16:26)


Dates in secular history, as well as Biblical history, all prove the synchrony of God’s clocks. An example is Daniel 9, which proves that all of God’s actions happen right on time. The date of the Exodus, the date of the crucifixion, the date of the decree to rebuild the temple, and many, many other dates, synchronize with God’s calendar.


God’s unique method of time keeping the Jubilee Calendar has enabled us to know exactly where we are in the “string of time” and show us which prophecies are interpreted as a “day-for-a-year” and which are literal time.


A study of this calendar reveals that God’s patience with sin has a limit of 70 Jubilee cycles. This cycle ended in 1994 when the seven angels were given the seven trumpets and told to “wait” until God has sealed His 144,000 servants the prophets.


Consider this: Every time man fails, God increases the next probationary period of time:


1) God tested Israel on the observance of the Seventh Day. (Exodus 16:4) 

2) God tested Israel for 40 days resulting in 40 years of captivity in the wilderness.

3) God tested Israel for 70 Sabbatical years resulting in 70 years of captivity in Babylon.

4) God tested Israel for 70 weeks resulting in His final rejection of Israel.

Years granted to the Jews = 30 complete Jubilee cycles (1437 B.C. – 33 A.D.= 1,470 years)

Years granted to the Gentiles = 40 complete Jubilee cycles (A.D. 34 – 1994 = 1,960 years)

Total years granted to Jews and Gentiles = 70 complete Jubilee cycles (ended 1994)


Years allotted for the duration of sin appears to be 70 centuries (7,000 years), the seventh millennium being “seventh millennium of rest.”


Reason number 5 leaves us with Conclusion number 5:


Because God pre-ordained 70 Jubilee cycles for the earth, the end of that probationary period is 1994. At any moment, Jesus will begin revealing His plan of Salvation and send His redemptive judgments to Earth. Perhaps God is currently selecting His 144,000 servants the prophets.


For a further study on the Jubilee Calendar, ask for our FREE DVD set. You will be convinced that God’s timing is perfect.  



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