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Biblical Reason No 6

Sanctuary Services – Parallel Temples


Sanctuary services in the earthly temple give us a shadow of the services that take place in heavens temple. We see these services being performed throughout the book of Revelation. It was very important to know why God insisted Moses make the temple according to a pattern.


(Hebrews 8:1-2) “The point of what we are saying is this: We do have such a high priest, who sat down at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven, and who serves in the sanctuary, the true tabernacle set up by the Lord, not by man.”


The above text indicates that Jesus serves in the true tabernacle that is located in Heaven.  The author of Hebrews used the word  “true tabernacle” to contrast the sanctuary in Heaven with the “pseudo tabernacle” that Moses erected on Earth. (Hebrews 8:5) Did you know that certain processes or ceremonies in the heavenly tabernacle have direct parallels with the earthly tabernacle? I like to describe these parallels as the “Heaven-Earth-Linkage-Law.” Activity in the temples of Heaven and Earth are linked together by law! For example, did you know that more than fourteen end-time events are synchronized with special ceremonies in Heaven’s temple? The books of Daniel and Revelation are based on ceremonies in Heaven’s temple; therefore, it helps to understand the ceremonies in Heaven’s temple to correctly understand Bible prophecy. The only way to properly understand the ceremonies that take place in Heaven’s temple is to examine the services that were conducted as a parallel on Earth. This is why Moses was warned when he was about to build the tabernacle: ‘See to it you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.” (Hebrews 8:5)


Notice how many times in the book of Revelation, that temple language is used: Revelation 1:12, 2:1, 4:1, 4:2, 4:4, 4:6, 5:2, 5:5, 6:9, 8:2, 8:4, 9:13, 11:2, 11:19, 14:15, 15:2, 15:5, 15:6, 15:8, 16:1, 167, 16:17, 19:5. It is extremely important to know these events and what they represent.


The Feasts that are included in the temple services and are “shadows” of things to come.

 (2 Colossians 2:17). Notice the end-time parallels. (ETP)


1.   First Passover – God’s people were miraculously delivered from slavery.


End-time Parallel (ETP) – God’s people will be sealed and then physically delivered from the bondage of mortality.


2.   First Passover – Everyone in Egypt was notified that the firstborn (man or beast) had been placed under the curse of death. This announcement produced two groups of people: believers and unbelievers. The believers put blood on their doorposts.


ETP – The inhabitants of the world will be notified they are under a curse of death. There will be two groups of people: believers and unbelievers. The believers accept Christ’s atonement and will obey the message that the 144,000 will proclaim.


3.   First Passover – God kept His covenant with Abraham and took Abraham’s descendants to the “Promised Land.”


ETP – Jesus will keep His promise and return to Earth at the appointed time. He will take the saints to the “Promised Land,” that is, the Earth made new.


4.   First Passover – There was a Sabbath rest test in Egypt and persecution before the Exodus.


ETP – There will be a Sabbath rest test and persecution for the inhabitants of Earth before the great Exodus of the saints at the Second Coming.


5.   First Passover – God “passed over” every house in Egypt and He checked the door posts of every house to see who believed His word.  


ETP – God will “pass over” every human being and save each person who believes His word.


6.   First Passover - God sent ten plagues upon a defiant Egypt.


ETP – God will send 14 plagues upon a defiant Earth during the Great Tribulation (seven first plagues called seven trumpets and seven last plagues called seven bowls).


7.   First Passover – God destroyed Pharaoh and his army with water.


ETP – God will destroy the Antichrist and his armies with fire.


The Passover is an end-time parallel of God’s judgment of man. The judgment of mankind is a topic of utmost importance and yet, few people know anything about it. 


Reason number 6 leaves us with Conclusion number 6:


Jesus is now serving as our high priest in the heavenly sanctuary. The spring feasts have all been “fulfilled” as shadows of things that have already happened. The fall feasts have yet to be fulfilled, the next being the feast of trumpets which will serve the same purpose as the temple, resounding the soon coming of the Day of Atonement to get right with God before Jesus’ return. Because the feast of trumpets begin in the fall of the year, we can safely conclude the trumpets will sound in the fall. Question …. Is this the 6,000th autumn? Next autumn? The window is closing rapidly.    


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