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Biblical Reason No 7

Daniel 12


The 1,335 Days of Daniel 12 show us 3 prophetic events beginning with (1) Jesus no longer interceding for nations (end of corporate probation). Jesus began His intercession when He stepped between the executing angel and Eve on the day she sinned. (Genesis 3:15) (2) A universal death decree (just as in the book of Esther) after 1,290 days, and then (3) the second coming of Jesus on the 1,335th day. Daniel, along with other Saints sleeping in their graves will be resurrected at the end of those days to receive their reward and stand with their lot. (Daniel 12:11-13). Simply said: From the time the Great Tribulation begins until Jesus comes, it will be 1,335 days.


These three prophetic events are “time-stamped.” The events occurring in the heavenly sanctuary (See reason #6) have consequences that result in an event on the earth.


When the cup is full (See reason #1), Jesus will stop His intercession on behalf of the nations by casting down the censer, resulting in a WORLDWIDE earthquake (Revelation 8:5). When the Antichrist rises during the 5th trumpet, he will issue a universal death decree occurring on the 1,290th day of the Great Tribulation. (Parallel in the book of Esther). But BLESSED are those who wait and endure and come to the 1,335th day when Jesus returns to gather His children.


Because God’s patience ended in 1994 (See reason #5), the angels were told not to harm the earth, sea or trees until the 144,000 servants the prophets of God have been sealed. (Revelation 7:1,2) After they are chosen and sealed, the 4th seal will open. The first 4 trumpets will then sound as redemptive judgments beginning with the living. 

(Revelation 8:7-11). 


Reason number 7 leaves us with Conclusion number 7:


Because Daniels 1,335 day prophecy is time-stamped” with the same event (ceasing the daily temple service for the nation) in the book of Revelation (Revelation 8:2-5); we conclude using the previous 6 Biblical reasons that this event can happen at any moment.


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