Freedom Removed by USA

Patriot Act

“Five and a half years later, we have the USA Patriot Act, which takes all of this to the next level. It allows the government to conduct secret searches and the FBI to obtain access to personal and financial records of individuals without a court order or without even establishing probable cause of crime. The government can also jail Americans citizens indefinitely, without a trial, without being charged, or without being able to confront the witnesses against them.  Representing, says one reporter for the Seattle Times, “the largest expansion of police powers in decades,’ the Patriot Act enables the FBI, without very few judicial obstacles, to monitor phones and computers and investigate library borrowing records. The FBI can force anyone to turn over records on customers or clients and it can gag the recipient of a search order from the disclosing the search. It can also conduct ‘sneak and peek’ searches on individuals (enter your home and copy the contents of your hard drive, for example, or plant a ‘bug’ in your living room) without notifying the subjects until long after the search has been executed. It can wiretap without showing probable cause or reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, and the definition of ‘terrorism’ is so broad that it can be used to target environmentalists or any other domestic political protestors whom the government happens not to like. Indeed, by September 2003 it was revealed that the powers of the Patriot Act were being used quite widely, to include nonterrorist cases and garden-variety crimes….


TIA Sets Stage for Information

Security Apparatus That Will

Alter Our Democracy Forever


“Another program being entertained in one form or another is TIA (Terrorist Information Awareness, originally called Total Information Awareness), which provides for massive surveillance of citizens, merging large numbers of data banks and setting up extremely sophisticated technological recognition systems, including eye (the iris) and gait (style of walking), which can be measured by a radar-based device (the Pentagon has enlisted the Georgia Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University in this effort). The new technologies are quite creepy, going ‘beyond even the wildest dreams of Orwell’s Big Brother,’ as one expert in the field has remarked. Their use will take on a life of its own, setting the stage for an information security apparatus that will alter our democracy forever. It also involves video surveying with the global positioning system, now extended from foreign spying to the domestic arena. It is not for nothing that a survey found that 31 percent of corporate chief security officers believe that the United States was in jeopardy of becoming a police state, and former House majority leader Dick Armey called the Justice Department ‘out of control’ and ‘the most dangerous agency of [the] government.’” –Berman, 226.228.



The Scenario: Erik Jon Phelps Regarding



This is from an e-mail by Erik Jon Phelps at Vatican


Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007, 1:39 p.m. 

Subject: Consider Blackwater Coming Back Home


“Consider this for a moment. We presently have over 100,000 Blackwater et. al. ‘Security’ personnel in Iraq. What they actually happen to be is mercenaries. They have been working for over 4 years at a very special task; kicking down doors in the night, rounding up people on ‘lists,’ transporting them to prison (some secret, some like Abu Ghraib) ‘interrogating them (meaning learning how to torture them to the point of death and no further to get information they may not even have) and keeping the general population terrified enough to not rise up.


“And one day in the not-too-distant future, they will be coming back to U.S.


“In the Spanish Civil War, Germany did something similar. They had plans for a war to come very shortly and desperately needed to train their tankers, pilots and army officers in the art of war under real life conditions, and so sent them to Spain to learn the ‘craft.’ It worked remarkably well.


“Is this one of the things Blackwater is doing in Iraq? I think it is.


“We have the files now. We have been under unchecked investigation by the US intelligence Agencies for 6 years now….with no one checking exactly WHAT they were investigating. The data banks are filling up. We have the prisons…Bush has constructed enough of them to hold his round-up of the ‘illegal aliens’ OR us, whoever it is that is going to be in them. Bush has the means…the Patriot Act gave him the power and you can thank your Senator and Congressman for that.


“We have the personnel…100,000 Blackwater ‘employees’ along with the Army and National Guard troops Bush NOW has the authority to command domestically above the authority of State Governors – it’s more than he needs.


“Bush has everything in place to round up every American he wants. He has every authority all lined up like ducks. WE have no way to stop it. Have you thought about that?


“One other ace in the hole Bush has…he can declare Martial Law without even CONSULTING or INFORMING Congress. It gives him the authority to shut down and dissolve Congress under any emergency he deems serious enough. SO does Cheney if Bush kicks off for some reason.


“Add it up and read the hand writing on the wall. Bush can, tonight if he wishes, wake up and declare Martial Law. He needs to justify nothing. The branches of the Government that check him can then be shut down leaving him no opposition. He can then order every National Guard and military troop in the USA to ‘maintain order,’ shut down communications and travel, keep us in our homes while those data bases round up whoever he finds to be ‘in question.’


“The transport and prisons are already there to house us, all over the country. All he needs to do is bring back the 100,000 Blackwater employees, and the death squads and ‘interrogators’ are in place.


“And if he wants, NOTHING can stop him.


“You better think about that, because personally I do NOT think the Decider wants to stop Deciding. I [Erik Phelps] do NOT think he will be stepping down in January 2009. I do NOT think the republican neocons want to reap the whirlwind of political defeat they brought down on their own heads in the past 6 years.




Think about it.


P.S. If we were rounded up, I WONDER what would happen to our families and our property…


“But then, the Nazis worked THAT little problem out, didn’t they?


“America: We need to find our conscience.” –Erik Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, e-mail. [Capital letters Phelps’ emphasis; bold is our emphasis.]


Tactics Being Used in Iraq By



Just a note here about the tactics being used now in Iraq by the Marines. A former military interrogator in Iraq writes:


“The marines were using a tactic called cordon and search. They’d roll into town, define a perimeter, and search every house.” –Tony Lagouranis and Allen Mikaelian, Fear Up Harsh: An Army Interrogator’s Dark Journey Through Iraq. New York: NAL caliber, a division of Penguin Group, 2007, p. 175.



The Way of Truth


While many will be martyred during the seven first trumpets during the Great Tribulation, during the last seven plagues there will be no martyrs, for probation is then closed.


“I saw the saints leaving the cities and villages and associating together in companies, and living in the most solitary places. Angels provided them food and water, while the wicked were suffering from hunger and thirst. Then I saw the leading men of earth consulting together, and Satan and his angels busy around them. I saw a writing, copies of which were scattered in different parts of the land, giving orders that unless the saints should yield their peculiar faith, give up the Sabbath, and observe the first day of the week, the people were at liberty after a certain time to put them to death. But in this hour of trial the saints were calm and composed, trusting in God and leaning upon His promise that a way of escape would be made for them. In some places, before the time for the decree to be executed, the wicked rushed upon the saints to slay them; but angels in the form of men of war fought for them. Satan wished to have the privilege of destroying the saints of the Most High; but Jesus bade His angels watch over them. God would be honored by making a covenant with those who had kept His law, in the sight of the heathen round about them, and Jesus would be honored by translating, without their seeing death, the faithful, waiting ones who had so long expected Him.


“Soon I saw the saints suffering great mental anguish. They seemed to be surrounded by the wicked inhabitants of the earth. Every appearance was against them. Some began to fear that God had a last left them to perish by the hand of the wicked. But if their eyes could have been opened, they would have seen themselves surrounded by angels of God. Next came the multitude of the angry wicked, and next a mass of evil angels, hurrying on the wicked to slay the saints. But before they could approach God’s people, the wicked must first pass this company of mighty, holy angels. This was impossible. The angels of God were causing them to recede and also causing the evil angels who were pressing around them to fall back….


“As the saints left the cities and villages, they were pursued by the wicked, who sought to slay them. But the swords that were raised to kill God’s people broke and fell powerless as a straw. Angels of God shielded the saints. As they cried day and night for deliverance, their cry came up before the Lord.   


“It was at midnight that God chose to deliver His people.” EW 282-285.



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