The Seven Seals – Part 1


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If you have been following the previous seminar segments on the Book of Life, then…


You know why the Book of Life was written.

You know what is in the Book of Life.

You know when the Book of Life was written.

You also know when Jesus was found worthy to receive the Book of Life.


Now, we need to examine the meaning of each seal and how the breaking of each seal produces a larger and greater revelation of Jesus Christ – both in Heaven and on Earth.


In brief, the seven seals are:


Seal 1: The message: Salvation through faith in Jesus

Seal 2: The translation and distribution of the Bible around the world

Seal 3: Message: Judgment of the dead has begun


Seal 4: Death (25%) and global destruction – judgment of the living

Seal 5: Martyrdom of the saints

Seal 6: Second Coming


Seal 7: At the end of the 1,000 years, great white throne judgment, Book of Life opened for everyone to see.


For now, please consider two things:


1.   The first three seals relate to the next three seals.





2.   The first three seals have been opened.


          1      2         3                        4   


      1798 1800   1844           Today


Let’s review the first seal:


Revelation 6:1   I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a loud voice like thunder, “Come!”


Revelation 6:2   I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow [a winner’s ribbon], and he was given a crown [stephanos], and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.


The English translation of these verses can mislead readers and artists. The Greek text indicates the horseman rode out of Heaven’s temple carrying a toxon that is a winner’s ribbon, an ornamental bow made of fabric. [this is not a weapon, that is, a bow for arrows] The rider also carries a stephanos, a crown of laurel, a crown of victory like an athlete would wear (the rider is not carrying a diadema which denotes authority or dominion). The Greek syntax also indicates the work of the horseman takes time and effort. Literally, the Greek says, “the rider went out overcoming that he might overcome.”


We established earlier in our study on the Book of Life that the four living creatures represent the Holy Spirit. The point here is that the Holy Spirit is sent throughout the Earth on a mission. The Holy Spirit is bent on conquest….


What is the Holy Spirit attempting to overcome? Would you believe the two greatest enemies of the truth about Jesus are arrogance and ignorance? According to Revelation 4:7, the first living creature has the face of a lion.


As you will see, this face appropriately describes the Holy Spirit as He left Heaven’s temple. He went out as “a relentless hunter.” The Holy Spirit was sent out to find people willing to learn the truth about Jesus. (See Numbers 23:24 for the characteristics of a lion.)


The Holy Spirit is still-hunting, He continues hunting for people who are willing to learn about Jesus. It’s an “uphill” battle. But, the success of the Holy Spirit will be revealed at the Second Coming when a large number of saints “go marching in!”


Listen carefully:


The first seal is not an event – it is a campaign – a campaign that began in 1798 and it will end with the seventh trumpet.


All who receive Jesus, as Lord and Master will be given this bow and crown! The Holy Spirit is on a mission to “win” people over to Jesus – to love and obey Him. 


Think of the seven seals as seven campaigns and each campaign has a set of unique disclosures, processes, objectives and results:


1.   Win souls (overcoming arrogance and ignorance)

2.   Resolve the sin problem (so that sin will not occur again)

3.   Exonerate the government of God (eliminating all doubts all doubts about the nature of God’s laws and governance)


In other words, as Jesus breaks each seal, He undertakes a new campaign that adds momentum and information to existing campaigns and all of these campaigns will eventually dovetail into a grand finale. All three objectives will be met.


1.   Billions of people will be saved.

2.   The sin problem will be perfectly resolved.

3.   The government of God will be exonerated.


As these campaigns progress, the reality of “all that Jesus is” becomes larger and larger and more important in the minds of people. Eventually, all of the honest in heart on Earth will worship Jesusand Jesus will receive the recognition, honor and praise He is due from the honest of heart!


When you consider the fact that Jesus is largely unknown on this planet and He is greatly hated by non-Christians, this will be a major achievement!


Bible prophecy teaches that Jesus has been exalted to the highest position in the universe. The Father ordained thousands of years ago that once Jesus was exalted, He must be exposed for all that He really is – both to the angels in Heaven and to the people on Earth. Jesus has a gospel that He wants Earth to hear. He wants to win the hearts and affections of people because He alone can save us from the penalty and consequences of sin!

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