These books and web sites link are highly recommended to the serious Bible student:

Warning! Revelation is about to be Fulfilled

Written in an easy to read format, this book gives an overview of the events described in Revelation. 128 pages

The Revelation of Jesus

Will the revealing of Jesus take place this decade? What events lead up to His revealing? How does one prepare for the end of the age? 346 pages

Jesus The Alpha and The Omega

This book is a foundational study that sets the stage for understanding the deeper elements of Daniel and Revelation and ministry of Jesus Christ. 275 pages

18 ‘End-Time Bible Prophecies

This is a verse-by-verse explanation of the prophecies in Daniel & Revelation. 282 pages

Daniel Unlocked for the Final Generation

Daniel Holds The Key!
Author Larry Wilson believes he may have discovered the four keys that unlock the mysteries of Daniel. The interesting part of his claim is that these four keys are in the book of Daniel, but could not be verified until “the appointed time of the end” arrived. He claims the books of Daniel and Revelation conform to a set of rules and any person who follows the four rules, despite religious background, can arrive at the intended meaning of apocalyptic prophecy. 272 pages

Bible Stories with End Time Parallels

Even though the Bible stories are familiar, they embrace a new perspective, highlighting significant end time parallels for Earth’s final generation. 208 pages

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