Revelation 13:1-14:5
The Four Beast of Revelation

#1. The Great Red Dragon
#2. The Composite Beast (Continued)


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We concluded our last segment in Revelation 13. We were investigating the composite beast, the beast that rises out of the sea and makes war upon the saints for 42 months.


Let’s review a few things before we go forward:


First, you should remember that we are in Revelation’s sixth prophecy that began with Revelation 12:7. We are studying a sequence of events that are in chronological order. This is a crucial point. If the events given in each apocalyptic prophecy do not occur in the order given, then who has authority to declare their order?


How can prophecy be “the more secure word of prophecy” if everyone is free to move the elements and parts around to suit their own conclusions?


If anyone can move a prophetic element out of its order to suit his own ideas, then everyone has the same privilege. This freedom makes prophecy a nose of wax and this leads to distortion of the intended meaning. Tampering with the order that God has given robs the Word of God and its authority, its simplicity and its power.


The Bible must speak and will speak for itself. The angel told John:


Revelation 22:19   And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which described in this book.”


This verse is very interesting. It indicates that a time is coming when the book of Revelation will be clearly understood by those wanting to know Truth. In other words, during the Great Tribulation, this warning applies to any person who tries to divert or deflect the truth that the book of Revelation proclaims. When God’s 144,000 prophets are empowered to proclaim His truth, anyone caught twisting the prophecies of Revelation around to avoid persecution will be condemned to death.


You may recall that the first verse in this prophecy, Revelation 12:7, occurred on Resurrection Sunday. There was war in Heaven and Lucifer was cast out of Heaven on that very day. [April 9, A.D. 30] You should recall that Lucifer then chased the woman to the desert for 1,260 years. You should also remember that near the end of the 1,260 years, the Earth helped the woman.


In 1776, God raised up a Protestant nation, the United States, to accomplish a very important global task…. That task was the translation and distribution of the Bible and the worldwide promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Do you remember our study on seals 1 through 3?)


When the devil saw that he could not destroy the woman after 1,260 years in the desert, the devil “went off” to prepare for war on the remnant of the woman – “…. Those that keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.” (Revelation 12:17)


Then, in the next verse, Revelation 13:1, John saw the devil standing on the shore of the sea, waiting for circumstancesto occur so that the composite beast could arise.


Revelation 13:1   “And the dragon stood on the shore of the sea…”


When the composite beast rises out of the sea, the devil will give this beast its great power, throne and authority.   


Revelation 13:1   “…. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name.


Revelation 13:2   The beast I saw resembled a leopard [known for its swiftness], but had feet like that of a bear [claws as tough as chrome molybdenum alloy – the strongest form of steel] and a mouth like that of a lion [which kills its prey with a single bite]. The dragon gave the [composite] beast his power and his throne and great authority.”


The composite beast will serve a duel purpose.


First, from the human perspective, the composite beast, a crisis government, will appear to be necessary mediator between God and all mankind.


Second, from Lucifer’s point of view, it will enable him to prey upon the saints of God.


Revelation 13:7   “He [the composite beast] was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.”


What on Earth could create such a global monster?


The first four trumpet judgments described in Revelation 8:2-13 will produce death and destruction on a Biblical scale that exceeds human measurement and calculation. I believe the first four trumpet-judgments will occur during the first 30 to 60 days of the Great Tribulation.


Because these judgments will be global, the whole world will seriously question whether survival on planet Earth will continue. Thousands of cities will be destroyed. Earth’s infrastructures will be in ruin and twenty-five percent of Earth’s seven billion people will die as a result of these judgments.  [1.75 billion dead]


During these four calamitous events the inhabitants of Earth will be traumatized by two painful observations:


First, everyone will tremble at the reality of Almighty God, the power and scope of His fierce wrath. 


(Actually, Almighty God is Jesus Christ. Remember, Jesus took over the throne of God in 1798, but the world does not know this and mankind will not be made aware of Jesus’ authority until the 144,000 begin to proclaim the first angel’s message. (We will study the three angel’s messages later on.) Remember the 4th seal – how the fourth seal reveals the authority of Jesus?)


The second thing that everyone will notice about the first four trumpets is that God’s judgments fell on cities and places that werewidely known for wickedness. When these two observations are synthesized together, most of the world will assume that more judgments from God are imminently forthcoming.


(In other words, four horrific judgments within the short span of 60 days will suggest that more judgments are imminently coming unless God is immediately appeased!)


This fearful anticipation of more judgments from God will induce panic and this panic will propel the leaders of the world to rapidly and radically transform their governments.


>>>Desperate situations require desperate solutions.<<<


During the fourth trumpet, darkness will cover the “middle third” of our planet (where most people live) and during this period of extended darkness the “crisis government” will form. This crisis government is the composite beast of Revelation 13 rising up out of the sea. The need for one global entity to appease God’s anger will be obvious to most everyone.


With 1.75 billion people dead, and thousands of cities lying in ruins, intelligent people will suddenly “wake up” to the reality of God and man’s accountability to Him. And who will be able to argue against man’s need to immediately appease God so that His judgments will cease?


Therefore, the religious and political justification for the formation of a “crisis government” will be simple and unanimous. Everyone will agree:


“The whole world has to change its ways. The nations must unite and appease God through repentance and worshipor everyone on Earth will soon perish as a result of His wrath.”


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