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Rome is pattering the Fall of America Upon the Blueprint of the Fall of the Roman Empire, by Using a Modern Praetorian Guard… Blackwater Executives Boast of Membership in the sovereign Military Order of Malta, the Knights of Malta, who are Dedicated to Global Roman Catholic Rule…


“Blackwater is a private army, and it is controlled by one person: Erik Prince, a radical right-wing [Roman Catholic] Christian mega-millionaire who has served as a major bankroller not only of President Bush’s campaigns but of the broader Christian-right agenda… many of the executives who would later form the core of Prince’s Blackwater empire are also Catholics.” –Blackwater: The rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army, by Jeremy Scahill, xix, 15.


“Erik Prince has been in the thick of the right-wing effort to unite conservative Catholics, evangelicals, and neoconservatives in a common theoconservative holy war – with Blackwater serving as a sort of armed wing of the movement.” –Blackwater, 22, emphasis mine.


America’s Praetorian Guard

“’Jeremy Scahill skillfully chronicles the birth of America’s frightening Praetorian Guard, one that has been unleashed – twenty-five thousand strong – in Iraq. These hired guns, with their black uniforms and automatic weapons, appeared on the streets of New Orleans following hurricane Katrina. They operate, at home and abroad, beyond the bounds of legal constraints and are controlled by secretive puppet masters, such as Erik Prince, who has close ties to the radical [Catholic] Christian right. Should our nation enter a period of instability following another terrorist attack on America soil, an economic collapse, or a series of environmental disasters, the tyranny that groups such as Blackwater impose on others could become the tyranny they impose on us. The rise of this unchecked mercenary force, as Scahill understands, could presage the final stage in the collapse of American democracy.’ – Chris Hedges, former New York Times Middle East bureau Chief.” Back cover of Blackwater.


Prepared to Deploy a Brigade-sized Force Worldwide

At Jordan’s Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference (SOFEX), the world’s leading special operations forces, homeland security, counter terrorism and security forces exhibition with more than 220 companies present, military delegations from 42 countries, and more than 7,500 visitors from across the globe, Cofer Black, representing Blackwater, astonished international Special Forces representatives when “he declared that Blackwater was prepared to deploy a private brigade-sized force to conflict or crisis zones worldwide.” –Blackwater, 348.


        “Blackwater strives to be an independent army, deploying to conflict zones as an alterative to a NATO or UN force…


        “In 2006, one U.S. Congressperson observed that, in terms of military might, the company [Blackwater] could single-handedly take down many of the world’s governments…


        “The company possesses one of the world’s largest privately held stockpiles of heavy-duty weaponry…


        “It is developing surveillance blimps and private airstrips for its fleet of aircraft, which include helicopter gun ships…


        “The company [Blackwater] holds hundreds millions of dollars in U.S. government contracts, among them ‘black’ contracts kept from the public oversight…


        “It has deep connections to the U. S. intelligence and defense apparatus and has become nothing short of the administration’s Praetorian Guard in the war on terror…


        “The company is no longer content to be subordinate to the United States.” –Blackwater, 343.


Blackwater, a free-standing, independent, mercenary special forces international army, pound for pound more than equal to anything in the world, headed by a radical Roman Catholic, prepared to offer its war services for hire-for money.


“Jeremy Scahill’s expose of the Blackwater Mercenary firm forcefully demonstrates the grave dangers of outsourcing the government’s monopoly on the use of force.”

 –Joseph Wilson, Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq.



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