The Seven Seals
Seals 4,5,6,7

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Today, we will examine the meaning and the timing of the last three seals.


Let’s begin by looking at the diagram of the seven seals and I want you to specifically notice how the breaking of each seal produces a brighter revelation of all that Jesus is.


You may wondering, “Why is the revelation of Jesus necessary? Why is this such an important matter to the Father? Here’s why:


An Almighty God humbled Himself to the lowest point. He came to Earth as a child of very poor parents. He came to a nation whose leaders were arrogant and ignorant of Truth. He was willing to live among sinners as one of us. He was willing to obey imperfect human parents as well as His Father in Heaven. He was will to be tempted by Lucifer and tested with extreme suffering. He was will to cease to exist for the redemption of sinners. He was willing to die so that the Father’s government could be exonerated from Lucifer’s lies…


Jesus willingly did all these things (and much more), and He successfully fulfilled the Father’s will in these matters, therefore, the Father has determined that the whole universe should know who Jesus really is – that Jesus is identical to the Father in every way. Jesus is not a lesser God or a subordinate God, even though He does not sit on the throne or dwell in unapproachable light. The Father wants the whole universe to fully know that Jesus is an eternal God that has every attribute and every power that He has.


This disclosure of Jesus proves that the Father is just as humble as Jesus. The Father is not worried about losing His preeminent position once the universe knows that Jesus is just as powerful and glorious as He is. The Father is not worried now that Jesus, since 1798, has Sovereign power and rules over the universe. By giving Jesus full control of everything, the Father has demonstrated that Jesus is equal to Himself.


Actually, by revealing all that Jesus is to the universe, the Father is proving that He only sits upon the throne of the universe because Jesus and the Holy Spirit surrendered their divine prerogatives to Him.


What loving Gods!   What humble Gods!


So, when the seventh and final seal is broken, the revelation of Jesus will be complete. This event will occur at the end of the 1,000 years! I’ll demonstrate this later on.


One more thing: From an earthy point of view, Jesus is the “most hated” of all Gods because he claims to be the Son of God and He claims that all other testimonies about God are lies. In other words, Jesus says that His testimony is true and all others are false. (John 14:6)


When you realize that 75% of the world is not Christian, the revealing of all that Jesus is – that He is the only Savior of mankind – this revealing will not be easy to swallow. But, the Father had determined that the final generation will hear and consider the gospel of Jesus Christ because the testimony of Jesus contains the truth about the will and ways of God the Father.


Quick overview of the seven seals….


Seal 1  -- The first seal was broken in 1798 and a new revelation of Jesus began in spiritual darkness: The Christian church had taught for more than a thousand years that salvation comes through the church.  Not so says the Holy Spirit: Salvation comes through faith in Jesus alone!


“Sola Jesus”

“Sola Scriptura”


Seal 2 The second seal was broken in 1800 and a greater revelation of Jesus began. The teachings of Jesus became known through the translation and distribution of the Bible. This process has produced a variety of Christian denominations. Since 1800, there has been a fracturing of Protestantism as each church group found something new about Jesus.


In God’s sight, the fracturing of Protestantism is both valuable and necessary because the fracturing allows new ideas about Jesus to continue to occur. When it comes to doctrine, religious systems hate the word “new.” Fracturing also explains how the Earth helped the woman in Revelation 12. God set apart a new nation offering religious freedom because religious freedom permits religious discovery to occur!


Seal 3The third seal was broken in 1844 and a greater revelation of Jesus occurred. Christians discovered that Jesus began cleansing Heaven’s temple that year. Because Jesus lived on Earth as one of us, Jesus has been appointed the judge of mankind (John 5:22) and at the present time, He is conducting a pre-Advent judgment by reviewing the books of record and judging the dead. The judgment of the living will commence with the breaking of the next seal.


Seal 4 A powerful and authoritative revelation of Jesus Christ is about to occur. When Jesus releases His wrath against this world, people are going to hear from the 144,000 that Jesus rules in Heaven as Sovereign God. At the present time, the world does not know this truth. In fact, only a few Christians know!


But, a “rider named Death” will change all this. As Almighty God, Jesus will justifiably send death and destruction to deal with global degeneracy and decadence. Jesus will use wrath to get the attention of the whole world – thus the rulership and authority of Jesus will be revealed when the fourth seal is broken.


If you really want to understand how hardheaded the human race is when it comes to religion, consider this: A global Tribulation is the only way to get mankind to thoughtfully consider the truth about God. How can I say this? The Bible tells us that a loving God is purposeful and deliberate in all His actions. And, the book of Revelation tells us what an infinitely wise God has to do in order to put His truth before mankind. The drama told in Revelation’s story tells us how arrogant and ignorant we really are!


Seal 5When the fifth seal is broken, millions of people will die as martyrs for Christ. Why does God permit so many of His people to die as martyrs? The blood of martyrs can speak more clearly than words. In other words, during the time of the fifth seal, most everyone will have taken a position on whom they will worship: The Lamb (Jesus) or the lamb-like beast (Lucifer). A few people will be in the valley of decision. In order to get these few people to consider the importance of worshiping Jesus, Jesus will sacrifice millions of His children. The blood of martyrs is a testimony that cannot be silenced. This drama that will unfold during the Great Tribulation…


Listen carefully: A martyr’s faith will be givenwhen a martyr’s faith is needed. The bottom line in the fifth seal is that the love of Jesus will be powerfully demonstrated through the faithfulness of His saints.


Seal 6 The sixth revelation of Jesus occurs at the Second Coming. When Jesus appears with the Father at the Second Coming, the whole universe will behold the awesome glory of Jesus that has been hidden from view since the dawn of time. Words cannot describe the amazing glory that will attend Jesus on that day.


Matthew 26:63   “But Jesus remained silent. The high priest said to him, ‘I charge you under oath by the living God: Tell us if you are the Christ, the Son of God.’


Matthew 26:64   “Yes, it is as you say,” Jesus replied. ‘But I say to all of you: In the future you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.’”


The Father will come with the Son at the Second Coming and the Holy Spirit will be here too, sealed within the hearts and minds of the saints!


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