The Template: From Republic to Empire;
From Freedom to Slavery

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A.T. Jones wrote perhaps his greatest work on the parallels between the conversion of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire, and the conversion of the American Republic into the image of the beast – the image of Rome. 895 pages long, Jones’ magnum opus, The Two Republics, or Rome and the United States of America, demonstrates the process by which the Roman Republic lost its liberties and became an imperium. The process is now being duplicated in ways so precise, so detailed, and so amazing, that Jones would have been utterly fascinated had he lived to our day.

Putting Out the Eyes and Shearing the Strength of Protestantism

The founders of our nation and our church were intimately acquainted with classical history – especially the history of Rome. Today, under the onslaught of Jesuitism, history has been removed from the place it once held in education. In 1996 only one of the top 50 “best” colleges in America had a history requirement for graduation. [F. Tupper Saussy, Rulers of Evil, 74.]  The result is that crucial knowledge, once widely comprehended, about the lessons of the past for the future, has been forgotten, rendering a population extremely vulnerable to the machinations of Rome.

Following the Blueprint of the Transmission of Power from State to Church

But Rome has not forgotten her history. She studies diligently the takeover of nations, she thinks in terms of thousands of years – Romanita – instead of sound bites. While the Jesuits have created a situation in Protestantism that has gotten history, thus putting out the eye and strength of Protestantism, Rome is implementing the very history that granted her her power when the dragon gave her her power, her seat, and great authority.


A Replica of the Transition from Republic to Imperium

Rome is following the template of the Roman history to create a situation in which she can assert global power once again. She is creating a replica, an image of the conditions existing in Julius Caesar’s takeover of the republic, and Augustus Caesar’s removal of freedom while maintaining the illusion of the ancient liberties in the Roman Senate. Concentrating power is one Caesar-type executive through the unitary executive, the stage is set for the handover of power to the Roman Church, a process now well under way with the assault on separation of church and state, and the implementation of John Paul II’s encyclicals in America.


Reassertion of Julius Caesar’s Seizure of Power

The concentration of power in the executive under the Unitary Executive Theory and the assertion of unlimited prerogatives of the Commander in Chief is a replay of Julius Caesar’s seizure of power. The very tactics used by Caesar are now being re- implemented in America. Crucial to this seizure of Caesarean power is the War on Terror, with the use of Hitler’s Reichstag Fire maneuver of 9-11 to remove the Freedoms of the Bill of rights with the USA PATRIOT Acts, the Torture Memos which asserted Caesarean power in the Unitary Executive and the right to revive torture, once abhorrent to America, casting off the Geneva Conventions passed after the discovery of the concentration camps of World War II, the removal of habeas corpus with the Military Commissions Act, and the power to wage pre-emptive war by the executive in the War in Iraq, which has now created a mercenary military force with the power of functioning as Rome’s praetorian guard functioned in the control of the Roman empire for centuries.

Crusades Revived

Rome is telescoping and combining the histories of pagan Rome to achieve her objective – including the use of military orders such as SMOM, the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta, which today run the CIA, and carries forward the crusades against Islam, crusades which were ultimately turned against “heretics,” such as the Waldenses and Albigenses.


The Use of Historical Templates to Accomplish a Given Goal

The use of historical templates to accomplish a given goal is quite common. The neoconservatives, for example, are following the template of the Pelonnesian Wars to accomplish global empire for America in fulfillment of Revelation 13. Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War is their favorite book.


Woe to Those who Forget…

Yes, Rome has remembered her lessons, and remembered them well. Woe is to those who forgot history, for they operate blind, defenseless, and divested of strength and power to resist the loss of their liberties. The image of the beast is being erected all about them and they are not even realizing it. It will only dawn upon them when it’s too late to escape the snare….

Papacy Honors the God of War

Daniel 11:38 declares regarding the papacy:

“And the god of fortresses upon his estate he shall honor. And a god which his fathers did not know he shall honor…” Daniel 11:38.

The noted 19th century commentators on the Old Testament, Keil and Delitzsch, comment: “the ‘god of fortresses’ is the personification of war, and the thought is this: he will regard no other god, but only war; the taking of fortresses he will make his god; and he will worship this god above all as the means of his gaining world-power.  Of this god, war was the object of deification, it might be said that his fathers knew nothing, because no other king had made war his religion, his god to whom he offered up in sacrifice all, gold, silver, precious stones, jewels.” –Keil and Delitzsch, Commentary on the Old Testament, vol, 9, Ezekiel, Daniel, by C. F. Keil, tr. James Martin and M.G.Easton. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 1996, reprinted from T. & T. Clark, Edinburgh, 1866-91, p.805. [emphasis mine]

Eric Jon Phelps has demonstrated in Vatican Assassins that the Military order of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, has been behind virtually every war in the Western world, and some in the East, since their inception in the Sixteenth Century. The Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta is dedicated to Rome’s global supremacy, with the primary function of waging war against Islam and heretics. Here are the Jesuit maxims, the maxims of the Jesuits who sit in the top three or four offices in the highest echelons of Homeland Security, and the Jesuit Volunteer Corps which staffs the offices of Homeland Security. Blackwater works for the Department of Homeland Security, thus becoming an arm of the Jesuit Order.


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