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American Roman Theocracy
American Roman Theocracy

The Art and Science of Taking Over the Nation for Rome

Alone With God

What Will The Kingdom of Heaven Be Like?
How God Delivers The Desperate And Heals The Hopeless
Broken Chains - Finding Peace For The Raging Soul

Perfectly Lost

Raging Hearts

The Deceptive Devil

Snake On A Stick

Earmarks of Possession

The Divine Deliverance

Admitting Our Guilt

Living Like Jesus

Fresh Bread

An Identity Crisis

The Seven Bowls
  The Seven Bowls Part 1

The Seven Bowls Conclusion

The Desire of Ages
The Desire of Ages

The Chosen People

The Fullness of Time

Unto You A Savior

The Dedication

We Have Seen His Star

As A Child

The Passover Visit

Days of Conflict

The Anointed One

The Baptism

The Temptation

The Victory

We Have Found The Messias

At The Marriage Feast


He Must Increase

At Jacobs Well

God Has Designed A Four Step Process
God Has Designed A Four Step Process

The Rich Man and Lazarus
Four Steps To Securing God
Nine Essestial Factors Behind Successful, Vicotrious Christianity
The Mystery of Mary Magdalene
Is Perfection Possible
The New Evangelical Youth Movement

The Sole Personal Presence and Rule of Christ in the Soul Defines the Kingdom

The Master of Iniquity
Demons Are Now Driving Unleashed Human Passion
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